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CHOOSE HAPPY Softcover Book

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You can’t buy happiness, but you can choose to be happy. Choose Happy is your go-to-guide packed with tips and quips on how to live a happy, positive life every day. Being happy keeps you young. It changes every aspect of your life. Happiness is one thing every body can have. As you turn the pages in this book , you will turn your mindset into a more positive way of thinking… and you’ll be happy you did.

About the Author

jill-crop-squareJill Liberman is a media veteran of over twenty five years. She is a former television producer and talk show host. She is happiest when she spends time with her family and friends and has a passion for motivational speaking and inspiring others. Choose Happy is her third book. Read more.


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4 reviews for CHOOSE HAPPY Softcover Book

  1. Ace – Amazon Customer

    Choose Happy will bring a smile to your face and lift up your spirits! I have just finished reading Jill Liberman’s book Choose Happy. The book is an easy read. Choose Happy is both entertaining and inspirational. Ms. Liberman has a quick wit and upon finishing her book I found myself ” smiling”.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Happy – I Choose Happy! It’s a quick reminder that not everything is perfect, and that the way we see things in our lives and how we approach challenges, will determine our success. Thank you for this easy-to-go-to-when-a-challenge-comes-our-way speed read!

  3. Kristal Caron – Amazon Customer

    A true slice of HAPPINESS… There is only one outcome for readers after reading “Choose Happy”…ABSOLUTE HAPPINESS!!! Whether you’re already channeling your inner happy or need a little help finding it, “Choose Happy” definitely fits the bill as your go-to-slice of happiness. It’s a breeze to read and is packed with instant feel good advice. You’ll be happy you read it!

  4. Gloria Rosenthal – Amazon Customer

    Happiness is a good book! When does a non-fiction book earn five stars? A book, especially a how-to book, earns all those stars when it is an informative, enriching page clicker (that is a Kindle style page turner). CHOOSE HAPPY is just that kind of book. The author, Jill Liberman, calls it a guide to living a happier life as she steers you through easy steps to making that happen in well put-together anecdotes, followed by the kind of quotations that make you nod your head. Sometimes you nod because you used to think like that and you wonder why you forgot that bit of good sense. Some quotes you never heard before also make you stop and wonder why you never thought of that. Her writing is keen, and witty (we always like witty) and there is never one dull moment in a book that you will gobble up in one day. And then you’ll get on with your life in a much happier frame of mind. Frame of mind? That is me writing, this author does not choose clichés when asking us to “choose happy”. I, too, just made a choice; I chose an Abraham Lincoln quote from the book, one I never heard before and include it here: WE CAN COMPLAIN BECAUSE ROSE BUSHES HAVE THORNS OR REJOICE, BECAUSE THORN BUSHES HAVE ROSES.” We can rejoice because Amazon offers books that make us rejoice in the pleasure of reading!

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