Author Jill Liberman Ranked Among Top 18 Books a 29 Year Old Woman Can Immensely Enjoy


FuppingAuthor Jill Liberman, author of four books, ranked #1 on the list for top books that a 29-year-old woman should read. Although Choose Happy has topped many lists, this particular list includes one of her other books, Success Factor X.

Twenty-nine-year old, commonly known in the women world as ‘Almost thirty’, is the dreaded age where women begin to double their race against the clock to finally land the promised life where you have it all, or so they say. Nonsense, as we all know, age is but a number and there’s little it can do to diminish who we are as people. Forget about the naysayers and treat yourself by reading these books written for 29-year-old women that reminds us clearly of the power we hold.

Success Factor X: Inspiration, wisdom and advice from 50 of America’s best is an uplifting collection of tips, advice and stories on success from celebrated actors, professional athletes, self made billionaires and iconic musicians. It makes the perfect read for anyone ready for a reminder that anything is possible with drive, hard work and the right mindset.